Spring Awakening

No, not the musical.  In our first ever student composition piece for our choir, Caitlin Newby '13 has written a poem "Spring Awakening" to be performed by the choir.  Sanger Clark '11 has written the music to go with the words:

Creamy daffodil light
came streaming through the windows,
memory turning the eyelet curtain
to a wisp of milky foam
on the winter whiskers
of the leafless jacaranda
outside my window.
That day you scooped me up
in a gust of cold, luminous air,
cupping me in your palms.
I was a soft, leggy girl
with apricot cheeks
and blonde locks of raw silk—
so sweet, so timid, so untried.
You were Adonis—
a figure in strawberry curls,
an alluring caramel grin,
a baby face to match my own.

When asked about the story behind this poem, Caitlin says, "The poem is the first in a series of poems I wrote for my memoir project senior year.  I focused on different types of love that I've experienced, from familial to romantic, requited to frustrated.  This poem is about my first "boyfriend" (if you can call him that) during sixth and seventh grade.  I remember looking out of my bedroom window to the jacaranda tree outside when he asked me out over the phone; I took this memory and our youth and wrote this poem about my "awakening" to romantic love."  This piece will be performed in our spring concert along side the other student composition projects.

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