Looking for New Choral Director

Unfortunately, we will be losing our wonderful choral director at the end of this year to the imminent threat to any Vassar student: graduation.

Interested in becoming the new choral director?  Email caokelly@vassar.edu or mahagonny.vsa@vassar.edu to get information or express interest.  We'd like to have someone by the end of this semester so that they can start training next semester.  And you must be a current Vassar student in Fall 2011.

On a side note, the treasurer and web-person (me) will also be graduating.  Our Creativity Chair/Pianist Extraordinaire will be graduating.  If you're interested in taking over the money issues, working on this blog or being a part of the Mahagonny board in anyway, contact mahagonny.vsa@vassar.edu.  Again, you must be a current Vassar student in Fall 2011 to take over the positions of the current seniors.

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